Their Little Bones

Their Little Bones, Becoming Sharp,
Find Repose But Fail To Avoid Worrying A Breach In The Ghostly Skin,
The Which Separates That Above From That Below,
(This Being The Last And Final Seal)
And Whereupon All Light Evacuates The Furnace.
Several Consequences Ensue.

first [boxed] edition (1999)
hand-made textured paper inserts & booklet; CDr with adhesive label;
hand-made box with bone arrangement; hand-modified photo insert
{107 copies}

errata in excelsis  [eie III]

1. Fanfare For Nothing In Particular
2. The Absence Of Gravity Is Burned Entirely For Posterity’s Sake
3. A Confluence Of Trivialities Coagulate Into An Unspeakable Whole
4. From Out Of The Loins Of Pestilience: Joy
5. The Civil Mechanism Is Dismantled By The Beasts Of The Field
6. Concerning The Appearance Of The Last World Mushroom
7. The Final Sound Before Silence Is The Only Remaining Possibility
8. Silence

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