Music Implied By Structure

Music Implied By Structure

single-copy c90 with hand-drawn art page
[no catalogue #]

1. Pigeons Circling Like Bats
2. Acid Tears From The Fifth Horseman
3. The Third Knock
4. The Horror Of Passing Landscapes
5. Through An Open Door
6. Burning The Absence Of Gravity
7. The Coordinates Of The Horizon
8. Siphon Of Grief
9. Wasps, Direction & Tolerance
10. Rivers Through Jerusalem
11. The Crust On Infatuation
12. Hinges And Lids
13. A Dream Of Rapid Descent
14. Sylladadism
15. Time Left…
16. The Litany Of A Deranged Banshee
17. The Kettle Is Possessed
18. Missing Bells
19. Disclaimer
20. 1st Stage Of Disintegration: Distance
21. 2nd Stage Of Disintegration: Subsidizing
22. A Frolic Of Heavy Machinery
23. 3rd Stage Of Disintegration: Bureaucracy
24. Minimalist Guitar In 7 Easy Notes
25. 4th Stage Of Disintegration: Debris
26. 5th Stage OF Disintegration: Convulsions
27. Lapse
28. 6th Stage Of Disintegration
29. The Substance Has Failed
30. The Vector Of Fear / Fear Turns Into Misdirection
31. 7th Stage Of Disintegration: Removal
32. Mr. Blink’s Impressive Thing
33. 8th Stage Of Disintegration: Nostalgia
34. Forget The Day Before
35. A Root Or A Tuber?
36. Words Of Wisdom

000a Music Implied By Structure 1989 sketch