irr. app. (ext.) sampler

irr. app. (ext.) sampler

self-made c60 with photocopied inserts
{<7 copies}

[no catalogue #]

1. Harpsichord Agog-O (Harpsichord A-Go-Go Reduction #1)
2. Consequence #3: Time Is Dismantled By The Beasts Of The Field
3. Stairways 3, 4 & 5
4. Consequence #7: Burning The Absence Of Gravity For Posterity’s Sake [excerpt]
5. Speech Event [excerpt]
6. Dysphagic Conversation: 2 Objects And 1 Animal Discuss Plumbing [excerpt]
7. The Unconscious Passenger:
A) Inert(ia)
B) Infiltrating The Host
C) The Thrill Of Infection
D) Dooba-Dooba-Fib-Genome
E) That Deep Down Deviation
F) Phages On Parade
G) (para)Lysis
H) Deluge
I) End
8. [untitled so far]
9. Stairway #7

000b Sampler Tape cvr 1995