An Uncertain Animal, Ruptured

An Uncertain Animal, Ruptured;
Tissue Expanding In Conversation

factory-pressed compact disc with fold-out cover + booklet
{1000 copies}

errata in excelsis / Fire, Inc. co-release [eie1/f-7]

1. Ago-Shardchirp-Ago (The Harpsichord A-Go-Go Reduction Event #1)
2. A Condensed Model: 1st – Ruptured, Then – Expanding, Finally – Conversational
3. Interruption (A Biological Complaint)
4. Lines Of Thought, Corrupted
5. (internal dialogue)
6. A Transcript Of Criminal Conversation
7. Significant Memory In The Grip Of Declension
8. Infernal Dialogue
9. A One-Way Ticket To Dysphasia
10. The Voice Of Reason In The Mouth Of Insensibility
11. Lingual Milk Salts:
1) Stranded On End Tables, Motorized Dentures East Milk-Stained Lead
2) Dated Bones Leaked Tender Root Strands, All In A Medium-Sized Tent
3) Razor-Kits And Ideas Deemed Lost Add Torment In A Tense, Tuned Bell
4) Bless Not A Maze – Stated A Letter Inked In Reddened Mud, Oils And Rot
5) Ruin-Tattered Men Let Salt End A Skinned Beast’s Dazed Or Idle Mood

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